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June 18, 2015 Second Disciples of Master Bosco Baek in Los Angeles

October 5, 2014 First Disciples of Master Bosco Baek in Chenjiagou

Master Baek bowing to the Chen Wangting statue

on October 5, 2014 in Chenjiagou


On October 5, 2014, Master Bosco Baek became the first disciple of Master Chen Bing to be given permission to have disciples.  Master Baek accepted his first 6 disciples in Chenjiagou under Master Chen Bing’s supervision.

The first disciples are Pamela Lin Hom, Mayanne Lee Krech, Hae-Young Kim, Aaron Hong, Linda Asuma, and Christopher Wang.  These committed practitioners became successors of Chen Family Taijiquan in Master Bosco Baek’s lineage.  The second disciples were accepted on June 18, 2015 under Master Chen Bing's supervision at Chen Bing Taiji Academy in Los Angeles.  The second disciples are Austin Kim, Christopher Soule, Michael Manfredo and Lauren Chee.  


In Chinese classical terms, a ‘Xuesheng’ indicates a normal student who can come and leave the classroom training as desired. For the student, there is no obligation or responsibility to do more.

In contrast, a ‘Tudi’ is a disciple who has been selected by a ‘Shifu’ (Master). The Tudi now has the responsibility to carry on the Chen Family Taijiquan tradition as a total and lifetime commitment.


In the traditional custom of the Chen family, a Shifu (Master) watches and observes a xuesheng (student) over several years to discern whether or not that person is capable of carrying the art of Chen Taijiquan for life.  Depending on the Master’s discretion, and considering the different development plans for a specific disciple, it may take a shorter or longer time to become a disciple. 

For instance, it took Master Bosco Baek almost 6 years (from May 2000-December 2005) to become a disciple of Master Chen Bing.

In modern times, many teachers readily accept their disciples without much evaluation of the personal characteristics and the level of study of the student.  This kind of discipleship has been found not to last or endure.  


Future disciple candidates must be a Chen Bing Taiji Academy practitioner who has practiced with Master Chen Bing or Master Bosco Baek for a minimum of 2 years in a great relationship. Candidates should be able to demonstrate a high quality, attitude, participation of Chen Family Taijiquan practice and contribution for the community of CBTA when evaluated against the standards of Chen Bing Taiji Academy.

Future disciples will be very selectively chosen after a long time relationship and observation.  If one is asked for a discipleship, he or she will be asked to submit a formal letter of application for apprenticeship to Master Bosco Baek at Chen Bing Taiji Academy.  The application must be handwritten, include your personal circumstances, state of learning Taijiquan, understanding of Taijiquan, and the reasons for apprenticing.

Master Baek bowing to Master Chen Bing and giving a speech

on October 5, 2014 in Chenjiagou