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Chen Village in USA - ​美國陳炳太極院是美國的陳家溝

Chen Bing Taiji Academy USA is Chen Village in USA. 

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FBI Plague for Master Bosco Baek

About chen bing taiji academy

Chen Bing Taiji Academy (陳炳太極院) was established by Master Chen Bing who is a 20th generation representative of Chen Family Taijiquan.   Its headquarter is located in Chenjiagou, Wenxian County, Henan Province, China. - the birth place of Taijiquan.  Master Chen Bing is a direct descendant of Chen Wangting (陳王廷), the creator of Taijiquan. 

Chen Bing Taiji Academy USA is the only Chen Family Taijiquan academy in the United States certified by Master Chen Bing and the Chen Village Marital Arts Association.  The first official North American branch was established by Master Chen Bing and his disciple, Master Bosco Baek, in Chicago, Illinois, USA circa 2004.  It was originally named World Chen Family Taijiquan Association which was a previous name of Chen Bing Taiji Academy from 2000 – 2007.  

In 2008, Master Chen Bing and Master Bosco Baek changed the previous name to Chen Bing Taiji Academy when Master Chen Bing founded his headquarter school in Chenjiagou.

Chen Bing Taiji Academy gradually gained international recognition since its inception and number of global branches increased.  As of the year of 2014, we have established branches in the following countries: USA, England, Italy, Chile, Switzerland, Argentina, Canada, South Korea and Japan.