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Excellent Coach for Master Bosco Baek 

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Master Bosco Baek (白承哲) is the first Korean-American disciple of Master Chen Bing and also a senior disciple of 'The Old Ten Disciples (老十徒弟)' who were accepted by Master Chen Bing in 2004 and 2005.  Master Baek is a founder and principal of Chen Bing Taiji Academy USA in Los Angeles, where he teaches classical Chen Family Taijiquan as taught by Master Chen Bing in Chenjiagou.  Master Baek is the first person who brought his teacher, Master Chen Bing, to the USA in 2004.  

On October 5 2014, Master Bosco Baek was appointed the ‘Chenjiagou Intangible Cultural Chen Family Taijiquan Excellent Successor' (陈家沟非物质文化 陈氏太极拳优秀传承人) by Chen Village Committee and China Chen Village Taijiquan Association.  This title is the highest honor awarded by Chenjiagou which proves his authenticity about Chen Family Taiijquan.  Currently, he is the only one who was titled this 'Excellent Successor' in North America.   In October 2016, Master Baek was also appointed the 'Excellent Coach' (优秀教练) by Chen Bing Taiij Academy Chenjiagou Headquarters, which is the only person who has got this title in North America.   

Born in April, 1978 in South Korea, Master Baek was raised in a Chinese branch of the Baek family (水原白氏) as a 31st generation and eldest son of the Moon-Kyung Gong lineage (文簡公派).   In 1992, Master Baek started Chinese Hygiene Qigong (中華養生益智功) at age 13 and studied classical Raja and Hatha Yoga from Himalaya Meditation Center and Korea Yoga Academy in 1996.  In 1999, he started Chen Family Taijiquan under Master Myung-Won Seo (徐明源) who is the first foreign disciple of Grand Master Chen Xiaoxing.  In 2000, he started learning from Master Chen Bing and became a formal disciple of Master Chen Bing on Christmas day of 2005 in Chenjiagou. 

​Master Baek is also an instructor of Chinese Hygiene Qigong (中華養生益智功), Sva Sam Vidya Raja Yoga (स्व सम् विद्या, Himalaya Meditation Center), Anuka Yoga Cikitsa (अनूक योग चिकित्सा, Korea Yoga Academy), Svastha Yoga (स्वस्थ, A.G. Mohan), and a former Tai Chi professor at Samra University.  He graduated from Loyola University Chicago and majored in biology.

He now teaches the essence of Chen Family Taijiquan and his three yoga styles known as Ekatala Yoga.  He is a particularly skilled expert at teaching and applying Taijiquan and Yoga therapy based on an individual student’s need.​

Credentials of Master bosco baek

2002  6th Korea National Taijiquan Tournament; Gold Medal (Old Frame First Road), Silver Medal (New Frame First Road)
2004  Chicago International Wushu-Gongfu Tournament; Gold Medal (Old Frame First Road, Sword)
2008-2009  Illinois Open Martial Arts Championship; Gold Medal (Old Frame, New Frame, Sword)

2015  8th  China Jiaozuo International Taijiquan Exchange Competition; Silver Medal (Chen Family Taijiquan Single Straight Sword). Bronze Medal (Combined Complex Chen Family Taijiquan)
2016  24th Chinese Martial Arts Tournament (CMAT); Gold Medal (Advanced Taiji Spear, Advanced Straight Sword), Silver Medal (Advanced Combined Chen Taiji), Bronzed Medal (Advanced Cannon Fist)
2017  2nd Chenjiagou Taijiquan Exchange Competition; Gold Medal (Double Straight Sword), Bronze Medal (Single Straight Sword)

1993  Chinese Hygiene Qigong Instructor (3rd level)
1999  Yoga Teacher of Korea Yoga Academy
2002  Yoga Teacher of Himalaya Meditation Center
2002  Certified Instructor of Chenjiagou Taijiquan School
2004  President of World Chen Family Taijiquan USA
2005  Advanced Instructor of Chen Village Martial Arts Association
2006  Svastha Yoga Instructor by A.G. Mohan
2008  President and Head teacher of Chen Bing Taiji Academy USA
2014  Appointed ‘Excellent Successor’ by Chen Village Committee

2016  Certificate of Recognition by the California State Assembly
2016  Appointed ‘Excellent Coach’ by Chen Bing Taiji Academy Chenjiagou Headquarters


2012  Nissan Altima TV advertisement (Chinese version)
2014  METRO Los Angeles Retreat Workshop
2015  FBI Los Angeles Branch Workshop

2015  Guinness World Records; Largest martial arts display (multiple venues)

B.S. in Biology (Loyola University Chicago)